10 Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Tickle your toes with these popular carpet trends. From designer to utilitarian, there are as many types of carpet as there are personalities. The top trends combine cutting-edge style, high-tech functional features and, in some cases, eco-friendly aspects. Choose from any of these ten trends in residential carpet that are inspiring and easy to install — or go for multiple trends in different rooms, showing off your varied tastes and styles.

Splash of Color

HGTV says that how your carpet incorporates color is more important than what color carpet you choose. Small spaces of vivid color accent a room with bold, fun styles. Multi-layered color not only gives that small “pop” of bright color throughout the room, but it’s a must for masking stains. Combine it with a multi-textured carpet, and you’ll hardly notice stains or foot impressions in the carpet.

Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Striped Hallway Carpet

A striped carpet is ideal for an area like the hallway, which sees heavy traffic. A striped design is functional and bold, heavy-duty and attractive. The stylish design conceals wear and tear, especially when coupled with a multi-textured fiber like a cut and loop or a multi-tiered loop design.


The eco-lover and utilitarian homeowner alike will love a sisal-coir carpet in a deep neutral gray or beige tone. Coir, made from coconut husks, is among the strongest fibers available. This means it’s perfect for those heavy-traffic areas like the mud room or entryway. Sisal is a product of the agave plant with a wool-like texture. Carpets made from either or both of these fibers are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Rustic Styling

Add a touch of the country or a rustic cabin to your home with rustic styling carpet. This hot trend has seen a resurgence lately because the simple, earth-tone designs go well with almost any style of home décor. Rustic carpets add homey elegance to bedrooms or stylistic function to high-traffic areas.

Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Classic Florals

Floral designs were hot in the `70s, but they never really go out of style. Now, the classic floral design carpet trend is back. Floral designs make any room seem more elegant and are a must for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms where you want to subtly add a touch of class. Available in a rainbow of colors, the floral design is ideal for both light and dark color schemes.

Super-Sized Cut Piles

In the center of super-sized cut pile carpet designs, you’ll notice contrasting tones are a perfect complement to the trend of multicolored carpets. Not only does the super-sized cut pile carpet expertly mask stains as well as wear and tear, but it also is a bold, textured addition to the décor.

Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Plush Velvet Pile

The ultimate carpet choice for those looking for luxury, plush velvet pile is ideal for rooms with lower foot traffic, such as adult bedrooms, guest bedrooms or a seldom-used dining room. The texture of the carpet is less durable than some fibers, but it’s one of the most comfortable surfaces to walk on. Add royal elegance to a room with plush velvet pile carpet.

Twist Piles

One of the most popular styles of carpets, the twist-pile variety has tight and textured fibers. Twist pile carpets withstand imprints and bounce back after footsteps or heavy furniture pressing down on its fibers. The versatile carpet is easy to clean and a must for those looking for low maintenance carpets.

Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Tailored Geometrics

Tailored geometric carpets offer crisp, artistic designs for minimalist décor. Consisting of bold colors and interlocking shapes, tailored geometrics resemble a work of art on your floor. The tailored geometric design looks especially stunning in a home office.

Wool Carpet

Wool is the ultimate sustainable fiber. The wool carpet is versatile and looks great in any room. Its plush texture warms your toes on colder nights and cushions your feet after a long, hard day. Durable and functional, wool is always in style.

Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

The kind of carpet to put in each room of your house requires a little thought. Luckily, there are a number of carpet trends to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a durable carpet, a plush carpet or a carpet that’s a mixture of both, you’ll be happy with one of these hot carpet trends.

About the Author: Phil Kearny is a contributing writer and owner of COIT cleaning, a trusted carpet cleaning company with over 60 years of excellence. He recommends you visit www.coit.com to learn how to keep those carpets as clean as the day you bought them.

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