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Amazing Kitchen Appliances to Feast Your Eyes On

The kitchen market is constantly growing and evolving to cater to consumer’s needs. Before you know it, everyone will have a fridge in their home that reminds you what food items are nearing their expiry date, and the family will be sat at a kitchen table that is interactive and allows you to surf the web whilst eating your tea.

Just like every other room in the home, gadgets are becoming more and more hi-tech; and here are three amazing appliances that we have found from around the world, that are simply spellbinding.

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Hire someone else to do the dirty work

Cleaning the floor is not the most exciting household chore, but it is imperative to retain a clean, hygienic kitchen.

So why not hire a robot to do it for you? The iRobot washes and scrubs the floors for you, whether you have wooden flooring or tiles. Here is a video of the appliance in action; so ditch the dirty old mop and get a state-of-the-art floor cleaner.

Hire someone else to do the dirty work

Who is the espresso thief?

The morning is not exactly everyone’s favourite time of the day however, this gadget will help you to make a cup of coffee, simply and easily.

The espresso machine features fingerprint recognition software, so all you have to do is scan your finger and the machine will make your favourite drink that has been programmed.

However, it does come at the hefty price of £2,000.

Who is the espresso thief?

Touch what?

Gone are the days when you need to touch or press something, to actually turn it on or off. Now there are a number of hands-free appliances for the kitchen, just like Delta’s Touch O technology.

The faucet has a sensor so the water starts to flow automatically, as it senses your presence within four inches.

And once you move your hands away, it shuts off instantly. This is perfect for hygiene purposes and in instances when you need to regularly wash your hands or fruit/vegetables.

But why stop there? You can now find hands-free bins, and touch-less soap dispensers.

Touch what?

So which of these do you want in your house? Have you got any of these gadgets already; and if so, how have they transformed your daily life? We’d love to hear about the hi-tech kitchen appliances that you have in your home.

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