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After 2+ years of asking if I can have a stag do, Leesa finally said YES! #teamlony


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Wednesday to do list: ✅ Work on Bike 🏍 ✅ Take it out for a Ride #bmw


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Neues bild 🤗 fals lony das bild sieht : hoffe es gefällt dir #TeamLony liebt dich 😍 @_lony_makkarony_ @_lony_makkarony_


Ihr Lächeln😫😍 #teamlony


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Du bist wundervoll, einzigartig, etwas ganz besonderes. ⚓️ #teamlony #myboy #meiner #eineperson #allesineinem #besterfreund #liebhaber #kiss #hugs #love #happy #nonplusultra


I see everything ❤🌱


Five facts about my amazing fiancé @tonyfcline 1. Studied qualitative economics at Stanford University on a football scholarship! 2. Played five seasons in the NFL with the Bills, Steelers, and 49ers as tight end! 3. Has traveled to over 50 countries, even the Congo! 4. Had a 38 inch standing vertical, with no steps! 5. He use to volunteer at the children's hospitals! #TeamLony


#teamlony i luv my cousinz