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With the summer of 2013 now very firmly on its way, it is perhaps a perfect time to decide just what you want to in the house before it gets here After all, there’s nothing worse than spending your summer plastering or constructing a kitchen; during hot weather, that just isn’t appeasing is it?

Before you start however, it’s important to know just what style you want for your home, after all, there are quite a few to choose from

Contemporary Design

If you’re looking to find the true essence of what can be considered ‘contemporary design’, then there are a few basic elements that you may want to be aware of. First off is the fact that Modern design is not the same as Contemporary. If you want “Modern” design then you want a design style that is more fitting between the 1920’s and 1950’s. Contemporary design however, is not pinned down by a date in time, it is ever changing, it is quite literally – contemporary. If you want to achieve a semblance of contemporary design, you need to be up to date with home fashion; currently using elements of a range of designs is currently fuelling the trend. Where contemporary and modern design often clash however, is the fact that for the moment at least, contemporary design is heavily influenced by the Modern design; so you can forgive yourself for confusing the two

Contemporary Home Interiors

Contemporary House Interiors

Modern Design

As already discussed, Modern interior design originates from the 1920’s through to the 1950’s, towards the beginning of the postmodern era (though that is a different kettle of fish).

If you are looking for a beautiful ‘modern’ home this summer, then there are of course a few elements in which you may want to incorporate. Hardwood floors (that can actually raise the value of your home), white or cream walls and steel or glass tables are predominant features which are often found within modern home designs.

The basics of the design however, revolve around the ethos of defined, uncluttered and clean space, so if you have children or any large pets roaming around, this design may be a little hard to achieve for some

Modern Home Interiors

Classy Modern Home

Rustic Design

Often considered as one of the most homely designs that you can choose, rustic design is also one of the cheapest as it gives you the opportunity to refurbish old wood, design your own art and even search through drift stores.

The great thing about rustic design is that you can incorporate any part of design into it though remember, the core of the design is natural materials, such as wood; primarily oak.

It is a great idea therefore to see what natural materials you can get for every part of your home.

Whether that includes beautiful oak doors supplied by companies such as Oakwood Doors, or handmade art from driftwood found on your local beach, you can get a little piece of nature within every part of your home and when summer comes around.

Stylish And Rustic House Interiors

OAK Lounge House Design

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